"I used to dance when I was younger"

Why did you stop?

It's time to dust of those dancing shoes and bring the joy of dance back into your life because now you can take a Flowetic class anytime, anywhere. This class will have you feeling fitter, stronger and healthier, but more than that, Flowetic is a dance fitness programme with a whole lot of heart.

See what the Flowetic tribe have to say

  • Move GB Review

    "I love it, dancing and getting a good workout with a super friendly teacher. I've already brought my friend along! She loves it too :)"

  • Facebook Review

    "I absolutely love this class! The music and choreography are really inspiring and I can literally feel myself getting stronger with every class. Even though some parts of the class are quite challenging, I feel so amazing afterwards that I just want to keep dancing all day! I only wish I had discovered Flowetic sooner."

  • ClassPass Review

    "The most incredible class you will ever take. So fun and uplifting but also challenging. You will feel free and alive. Teachers awesome. Music choice amazing."


  • What is Flowetic?

    It's a dance fitness class. You'll dance for 30 minutes, do some strengthening and toning mat work for 15 minutes and then finish with a deep stretch and relaxation element ...perfect!

  • Do I need to have any previous dance experience?

    Absolutely not! Flowetic is for absolutely everybody and every body, irrespective of age or ability level. In short, if you love music and dance, this is the class for you. Whether you’ve danced your whole life or whether you’ve always wanted to dance - it’s never to late to start.

  • What do I need to try a class?

    You'll need a window of your time, free of any distractions. Next you'll need space to dance in without hurting yourself - or someone else! Lastly, you'll need a towel or yoga mat for the floor work and a bottle of water for the sweat fest that's about to happen! Don't overthink it - that really is it.

  • Why Flowetic?

    Every person who takes a Flowetic class will give you a different answer but the throughlines tend to be; the music and the beautiful movement sequences. Sharpen your brain as well as your body. Walk taller, think clearer and in short, feel like the best possible version of you. We are notoriously adept at finding excuses not to do things. Kick those barriers down, do something for YOU and give it a go already.

Meet your instructor

Flowetic Founder and Creator Fiona Leonard

Fiona is a professionally trained dancer turned fitness instructor who has been working in the industry for over 13 years. She is founder of both Flowetic and her sister company Just Dance UK and has extensive teaching and presenting experience. Over the years she has been invited to work alongside numerous high profile companies such as ASOS, QVC, Fulham FC and Nintendo. She has been a featured expert on BBC Radio 5 Live and Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine and is a regular guest instructor at YogaFit Retreats in Ibiza.